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About French Polynesia

One hundred islands scattered over 2,000 kilometers make up French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France. Capital: Papeete, Official language: French, Continent: Oceania. Travel connoisseurs and opinion leaders in VIP vacations say, “If there is a paradise on earth, it is probably on one of the 130 islands of French Polynesia.” Of particular note are the country’s extensive white sand beaches, fabulously clear water, tropical fish, and lush vegetation. The Robert Wan Pearl Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated to pearls, is found in the country’s capital of Papeete on the island of Tahiti.

Which alcoholic beverages are popular and enjoyed in French Polynesia?

Hinano Beer (Hinano is a locally brewed beer), Rum (Rhum), Mai Tai (The Mai Tai cocktail is a tropical favorite in French Polynesia). Another favourite beverages are Tiare Apetahi Liqueur, Fruit Liquors, Tahitian Vanilla Liqueur, International Wines.

Which are the most popular imported wines in French Polynesia?

French Wines, Wines from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United States. Wines from Chile, Argentina, Italian Wines, Spanish Wines, Wines from South Africa are also popular.

Where can you buy wines, fine wines in French Polynesia?

Wines available in Wine Shops (Some popular wine shops in French Polynesia include Vin de Tahiti in Tahiti and Vin de Moorea in Moorea). Wide range of wines you can find in Supermarkets and Grocery Stores, Resorts and Hotels, Duty-Free Shops.

Does French Polynesia have its own wine production?

Wines from local fruits, such as pineapple and coconut, rather than traditional grape varieties.

What are the main distribution channels for wine importers in French Polynesia?

Importers/Distributors, Restaurants and Hotels, Retail Stores, Online Platforms, Duty-Free Shops, Events and Trade Shows.

What organization in French Polynesia does regulate wine importation?

In French Polynesia, the organization responsible for regulating wine importation is the French Polynesian Customs Service (Service des Douanes de Polynésie française). The Customs Service oversees the importation of goods, including alcoholic beverages like wine. Also FPCS ensures compliance with customs regulations, duties, and taxes.

What exhibitions and fairs are organized in French Polynesia for wine producers to showcase their products, network and reach out the local and other wine markets?

Salon de l’Agriculture, de l’Alimentation et de l’Artisanat Traditionnel de Polynésie française (annual fair in Papeete). Salon International de l’Hôtellerie, de la Restauration et des Métiers de Bouche en Polynésie française (International Hotel, Catering, and Food Trade Fair). Tahiti Wine & Food Festival (annual festival that celebrates the world of wine and food in Tahiti).