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The information about the countries that are represented in the distributor database. The section describes each country, the number of contacts and features of wine distribution.

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About Canada

Canada, the largest country in North America, has a highly varied cultural heritage, including First Nations, Europeans, and new waves of migration. Capital: Ottawa, Official languages: English, French, Continent: North America. Canada is famous for the beauty of its wilderness, much of which is preserved in practically its original form, and is easily reached from the country’s major cities. Internationally, Canada is associated with Niagara Falls, Jasper National Park of Canada, the Cabot Trail, the sport of ice hockey and its Hall of Fame in Toronto, and the Calgary Stampede, an annual rodeo in Calgary.

Which alcoholic beverages are popular and enjoyed in Canada?

Beer, Wine (Canadian ice wines made from grapes harvested while frozen on the vine), Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Craft Spirits.

Which are the most popular imported wines in Canada?

French Wines, Italian Wines, Wines from California in the United States, Spanish Wines, Australian Wines, Wines from Argentina, Chile, Germany, Portugal, New Zealand.

Total number of companies in the database:


The main specialization of these companies

Biodynamic, Organic and Naturally made wines, Importer of global wine brands, selling of world’s greatest wines in Toronto, wholesaler of fine wines in Alberta, Wines from family run wineries.