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About Armenia

Armenia is a country located at the junction of Asia, the Middle East and Europe, in the Caucasus region. Capital: Yerevan, Official language: Armenian, Continent: Europe, Asia. Marvellous landscapes, mountain ranges, plateaus and lakes, changing each other in a continuous sequence and demonstrating the unique beauty of natural landscapes. There are historical churches, monasteries and monuments everywhere, testifying to the origins of Christianity, which was proclaimed as the state religion here as early as 301 AD.

Wine Importers and distributors in Armenia.

What alcoholic beverages are popular and enjoyed in Armenia?

Armenian Brandy, Wine (Armenian wines and Imported Wines). Vodka, Oghi (traditional Armenian Fruit Distillate), Beer.

On what occasions is it customary to drink wine in Armenia?

In Armenia, wine holds great cultural and historical significance. Traditional Festivals and Celebrations, Family Gatherings and Special Occasions. Commemorative Events and Toasts, Religious Ceremonies, Cultural and Artistic Events. Dining and Socializing, Wine Tourism.

What are the most popular imported wines in Armenia?

Wines from France, Italian Wines, Wines from Spain and Argentina, Chilean Wines. Other International Wines (Wines from United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and others) are also popular.

What are the popular choices among wine drinkers in Armenia?

Armenian Wines (popular Armenian grape varieties include Areni, Voskehat, and Khndoghni). Red Wines (both from Armenia and international regions). White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Riesling from various regions). Sparkling Wine/Champagne (French Champagne, Italian Prosecco, Spanish Cava, Armenian sparkling wines). Rosé Wine (both domestic and imported).

Where can you buy wines, fine wines in Armenia?

Numerous specialty wine shops offer a wide selection of wines from around the world (In Vino, Wine Republic, and Wine Corner, etc.). Wineries with Cellar Doors (Zorah Wines, Trinity Canyon Vineyards, and ArmAs Estate,etc.). Supermarkets and Hypermarkets (some popular supermarket chains in Armenia include Yerevan City, SAS, and SPAR). Online wine platforms, Restaurants, Bars, and Wine Bars. Many restaurants, bars, and wine bars in Armenia have extensive wine lists, featuring both Armenian and international wines.

Where can you buy bio, natural, organic, and vegan wines in Armenia?

Specialized Wine Shops and Boutiques, Farmers Markets, Directly from Producers. Online Retailers (e-commerce platforms that specialize in natural wines). Restaurants and Wine Bars – many restaurants and wine bars in Armenia emphasize organic products, including wines.

Does Armenia have its own wine production?

The country has a rich winemaking tradition that dates back thousands of years, so Armenia is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. Armenia has its own indigenous grape varieties, unique winemaking techniques, and distinct wine styles. Some of the popular indigenous grape varieties grown in Armenia include Areni, Voskehat, Khndoghni, Kangun, and Sireni. Armenian wines have gained recognition internationally, winning numerous awards and accolades.

What are the main distribution channels for wine importers in Armenia?

Wholesale Distributors. Retail Outlets. Armenian HoReCa Sector. E-commerce and online platforms. Wine Events and Tastings, Wine Clubs and Subscription Services.

Wine Importers and distributors in Armenia.

What organization in Armenia does regulate wine importation?

In Armenia, the regulation of wine importation is overseen by the State Revenue Committee (SRC) of the Republic of Armenia, specifically its Customs Service department. The Customs Service is responsible for controlling and monitoring the importation of goods, including alcoholic beverages such as wine.

What are key aspects related to wine import in Armenia?

Import Duties and Taxes, Import Licensing, Quality Control and Certification. Labeling Requirements. Distribution and Sales (Imported wines are typically distributed through authorized channels such as licensed wine shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and bars). Market Demand and Preferences.

What are key aspects related to wine export into Armenia?

Import Regulations and Requirements. Tariffs and Customs Duties. Distribution Channels. Market Research and Consumer Preferences. Labeling and Packaging. Certifications and Documentation. Marketing and Promotions. Logistics and Supply Chain.

What exhibitions and fairs are organized in Armenia for wine producers to showcase their products, network and reach out the Armenian and other wine markets?

Wine Days Armenia (annual wine exhibition), Armenia Wine Expo, Yerevan Wine Days (annual wine festival), Wine Vernissage, Wine Forum Armenia.