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The information about the countries that are represented in the distributor database. The section describes each country, the number of contacts and features of wine distribution.

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Step by step guide how to quickly and conveniently work with a database of wine distributors. How to register, download contacts, add contacts to bookmarks and much more.


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About Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain, best known simply as Bahrain, is an island nation in the Persian Gulf. Capital: Manama, Official language: Arabic, Continent: Asia. Bahrain is the smallest Arab island state in the archipelago of the same name (3 large islands and 30 small ones) in the Persian Gulf. As an island state, Bahrain consists of 33 islands, but the major island is al-Awal Island or Bahrain island, where the majority of the population lives. The country is the host of the Bahrain Grand Prix, attracting many motorsports fans from all over the world. Bahrain is also known for its jewelry artisans and jewelry, especially pearls. In Bahrain, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in licensed establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Which alcoholic beverages are popular and enjoyed in Bahrain?

Beer (beer is a widely consumed alcoholic beverage in Bahrain). Wine, Spirits, Cocktails, Champagne and Sparkling Wine.

What are the most popular international wines in Bahrain?

Wines from France, Italian Wines, Spanish Wines, Australian Wines, Wines from New Zealand, Chile and Argentina.

On what occasions is it customary to drink wine in Bahrain?

Fine Dining. Weddings and Celebrations. Business Events. Wine Tastings.

Where can you buy wines, fine wines in Bahrain?

Liquor Stores. Online Retailers. Restaurants and Bars.