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About Croatia

The Republic of Croatia, with all its fascinating history, is found on the Adriatic Coast of the Balkans. Capital: Zagreb, Official language: Croatian, Continent: Europe. Croatia is one of the most beautiful, picturesque countries in the world. It was Croatia that gave the world the fashion for neck ties. Croatia is famous for its thermal springs, but also for its masterpieces of nature, including alpine landscapes, a turquoise sea, rich cultural heritage, and, of course, rich cultural heritage. Adding to that list, Croatia has long been known for its wines, with many interesting local varieties.

Which alcoholic beverages are popular and enjoyed in Croatia?

Wine (White wines like Graševina, Malvazija Istarska, and Pošip, as well as red wines like Plavac Mali and Dingač, are highly regarded), Rakija (traditional fruit brandy), Beer, Herbal liqueurs (Travarica and Pelinkovac), Maraschino liqueur, Sparkling Wine, Cocktails.

Which are the most popular imported wines in Croatia?

Italian Wines, French Wines, Spanish Wines, Portuguese Wines, Wines from neighboring Austria and Germany, Wines from other countries like Australia, Chile, and Argentina.

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Croatian wholesale company, distribution of Croatian wines, imported wine brands in Croatia, Croatian premium wine imports