Cookies and wine?


What sets Denmark apart from the rest of Scandinavia in wine sales? Unlike Sweden and Norway, there is little to no government involvement in the regulation of alcohol sales. The UK government website reveals how little red tape there is: not even the need to specify the composition of a blend. The market for small importers is solid in a country of 4.6 million adults
An important European market, an important non-EU market, a market of luxury and multilingualism: you guesses it, it's Switzerland. The Swiss spend 4.82 billion USD on wine every year. Their reputation for stability and glacial change is clear in their taste for wine: traditional food pairings and cork-stopped bottles are a recipe for success.
Canada sits a little outside the top ten wine importers in the world, with Wine Australia reporting an annual still wine consumption of approximately 447 million litres, 70% of which is imported. per cent of wine consumption.