Wine Competitions

Wine competitions take place in virtually all wine-producing countries. The most prestigious competitions are held in the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, and France, such as Decanter, Mundus Vini, International Wine Challenge, and others. These wine competitions have their own history, qualifications, and clear rules. Participation in such significant events helps any contestant determine their place in the international wine scene.

The judging panels typically consist of a spectrum of wine experts: members of the ASI, popular wine critics, bloggers and journalists, and Masters of Wine, of which there are currently only 493 in the world. From time to time, competition organizers also include professional buyers on the judging panels: those who purchase wine for retail chains, wine boutiques, bars, and restaurants.

Tastings within wine competitions can last from several days to several weeks, depending on the scale of the event: the number of samples submitted to the competition and the number of judges on the panel.

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