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Key Features of Wine Distributor Database

Large wine distributors database

Large Database

A brand-new wine distributor database with accurate, up-to-date contact details. More than 14.100 companies from 147 countries

Free access to wine importers database

Free 3-Day Trial

Preview access with a 3-day free trial. No credit card details required. Start searching for your wine distributor now

Regular updates of company contacts

Regular Updates

Regular updates of the database of wine distributors and importers. Market overviews and useful company selections

Unbeatable Convenience

Convenient Features to Help Your Find the Next Wine Importer

Bookmark companies, make notes and copy contacts, so you can always come back to your favourites. Our search filters make it easy to find new distributor or importer in your desired region or province.

Type of companies

Wine importers, retailers, wine wholesalers, supermarket chains or wine distributors

Search by location

Filter companies by their location: region, country and province. Search by city and address

Filter by date

Filter by date companies was added: last week, two weeks, three weeks or last month

And others...

Filter distributors by company size and by country of already imported wines

Modern and Convenient Solution

Finding Wine Distributors and Importers is Easy

Search for the wine importer companies by country and region, by type and size. You can even filter companies depending on which countries the distributor already sells wine from. You get the opportunity to not only view contacts, but also instantly download them. In addition, you can work with the database online. For example, bookmark wine distributors so you can return to them at a later date. You can leave notes with companies so you don’t miss anything. Or add company contacts to a separate folder so you always have access to them. All downloaded contacts will be available to you in the future for free.

Search for New Wine Retailers, Wholesalers and Importers Contacts Globally​

Database overview

Includes 147 Сountries

Vinaty is a global database of wine distributors that covers all continents and more than 147 countries. We successfully solve the problem of wineries finding new contractors by providing a modern and convenient online web application. Once you have access to the database, you will always have more than 14.100 companies at your fingertips. Let us grow your market with new wine distributor contacts from all four corners of the globe.


Search Wine Companies by Type

wine importers

Wine Importers

Wine importers are companies that directly import wine into their country. This can be any type of company, sometimes the importer can be a distributor or even a retailer. This parameter allows you to display those companies that work directly with wineries.

wine retailers

Wine Retailers

Retailers are businesses that sell products directly to consumers. These companies can be restaurants, bars, and/or wine stores.

Search wine importers and distributors by type of the company

Wine Wholesalers

Wine wholesalers buy a large quantity of wines and products directly from distributors. The wines are destined for retailers.

Supermaket chains

Supermarket Chains

Supermarkets are large retail chains that share a brand and central management. At their core, they are retailers and have their own large distribution network.

Wine distributors

Wine Distributors

Wine distributors have a business relationship with the wineries that they represent. Distributors usually cover a certain territory or region.

Modern and Convenient Solution

Automatic Verification of All Email Addresses

Company email verification

Each email address is verified automatically. This means that you see the current status of the email address of each wine importer or distributor in our database. Filter for email addresses with the highest reliability and best reputation. Choose from reliable emails and ensure a timely response. This is another step towards our goal of ensuring you find new wine distributors on our database. A valid email address status ensures that the recipient receives your email.

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Vinaty Free Trial

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Take advantage of our amazing free trial period. We provide a trial period without approval or consideration of applications. Just register and start working with your contact database finding your new wine importer. Experience the convenience and speed for yourself! We not only offer a contact database, but a full-fledged service, with updates and, most importantly, convenient and fast search filters. Try all our features and get up to 25 free downloads of wine distributors. No credit card required.


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Pricing Plans

Pricing plans Vinaty

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