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Grapes are separated from grape stalks and than pressed. Vinification of the musket grapes with a particular process of filtration of the must. Preservation in steel tanks that are refrigerated to 0°C until the time of elaboration: carried out in sealed tanks according to the Martinotti/Charmat method COLOUR straw-yellow colour AROMA Sweet, aromatic, sparkling. PALATE Slightly aromatic, sweet and vivacious taste. SERVING TIPS Serve cool at 8-10° C. Sweet, desserts, pastries. Served cool is a wonderful summer drink Serving suggestion: Sweet dessert,...More about this wine >

SweetnessSweet ColourWhite WinemakingConventional

Ata is a tribute to Etna's oldest winemaking tradition, rosé. It comes from vineyards located in Milo, in Contrada Salice at 650 Mt asl and raised to sapling resting on the wire on medium-textured lava soils. The grapes are harvested in the first decade of October and after vinification into rosé, fermentation takes place in thermo-controlled stainless steel vats. The wine then ages in stainless steel and glass. Bright onion-skin pink, the nose recalls distinct and recognizable hints of wild strawberries, cherries, raspberries, rose petals with pleasant mineral scents. Fresh, pleasantly...More about this wine >

SweetnessDry ColourRosé TypeStill WinemakingOrganic

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION These grapes come from the vineyard in Neive, with an altitude of 350 meters above sea level; this ground varies in composition, with the base being that of Marl-Calcareous yet in some areas it is clayey and other areas calcareous. The vineyard has a South west exposure. The vineyards are composed of Nebbiolo (Michet, Lampia, e Rosè) with Italian cloning material. The training system is Guyot with 5.000 plants per hectare. A traditional vinification with the cap submersed for 18 days, with regular and frequent “rimontaggi and follatura” at a temperature of 30 - 35°C to...More about this wine >

SweetnessDry ColourRed

La nostra Barbera è affinata solo in serbatoi di acciaio inox per circa 7 mesi ed è tipicamente un vino semplice e immediato ma di grande piacevolezza. Il colore è porpora con riflessi violacei. Regala al naso profumi tipici di frutta rossa come prugna e ciliegia con note leggere di frutti neri come more o mirtilli, talvolta con delicati sentori di viola. Al palato si riscontra la vivacità e la fragranza della frutta fresca.
Barbera d’Alba is the region’s most popular red wine, the Piedmontese wine par excellence. Barbera d’Alba D.O.C. Le Clivie is the product of a terroir with unique characteristics, capable of offering a robust yet fine and elegant wine.

SweetnessMedium dry ColourRed TypeStill WinemakingConventional

Fermentation under controlled temperature. After the tumultuous fermentation, the product continues its evolution with a lighter fermentation until the consumption of the sugars AGEING 1/3 aged in big cask -1/3 aged in barriques 1/3 aged in steel tank The part aged in wood become soft, velvety and fruity taste which is the main characteristic of this wine COLOUR ruby red AROMA When it’s young the perfume is very intense and vinous, than, during the ageing it evolves spicy notes with complex and ethereal nuances PALATE Dry, well bodied with a good acidity, round...More about this wine >

SweetnessMedium dry ColourRed TypeStill WinemakingConventional

Una nuova idea ha bussato alla nostra porta: in questo caso ci troviamo a Monforte d’Alba a 500 metri sul livello del mare. Un altro Barolo ma questa volta dal carattere più severo e austero. Affinato per 30 mesi in botti di legno da 2500 litri, completa il suo riposo per 6 mesi in bottiglia. Un vino dal colore granato intenso e dai profumi delicatamente speziati di pepe e vaniglia, buona voluminosità al palato, accentuata tannicità e avvolgenza. Un Barolo molto longevo e adatto a lunghi invecchiamenti.
La nostra prima produzione risale al 2009. Uve provenienti dai vigneti di Castiglione Falletto, situati a 250 metri sul livello del mare e caratterizzati da terreni tufacei e calcarei. La nostra scelta è stata quella di affinarlo in botti di rovere di Slavonia da 1000 Lt per 30 mesi, lasciandolo riposare infine in bottiglia per 6 mesi. E’ un Barolo più gentile e morbido rispetto ai tradizionali, che riesce già a donare gradevoli sensazioni anche nei primi anni. Il colore è un granato delicato e, avvicinando il bicchiere al naso, prevale un aroma di sottobosco accostato a note balsamiche. Al...More about this wine >
Barolo Cru Ravera D.O.C.G. Le Clivie originates in the hills of the municipality of Novello, in the heart of the Langhe, an area recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the uniqueness of its landscape and ancient viticultural tradition. A territory with characteristics found nowhere else in the world, with ideal climatic conditions for the fragile Nebbiolo vine. Its compact bunches, with small, thick-skinned grapes, take a long time to ripen, sometimes until November, the month when the first Piedmontese fog (nebbia in Italian) descends, giving the vine its name. A perfect synthesis...More about this wine >
CLASSIFICATION D.O.C.G. Red wine ORIGINE Italy – South Piedmont (Town of Barolo and surrounding villages) TYPE OF SOIL Clayey – Calcareous VINIFICATION The harvest takes place in autumn respecting an high selection of the grapes . After the fermentation, this wine is than aged in wood for 3 years COLOUR The colour of Barolo is garnet red with orange reflections AROMA it has a characteristic, ethereal, pleasant, intense scent PALATE its...More about this wine >

SweetnessDry ColourRed TypeStill WinemakingConventional

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION These grapes come from the vineyard Ravera in Novello at a height 360 mt above sea level, the soil is marl - calcareous with a tendency to clayey, with a good permeability. The vineyard has a very good South exposure. VINE AND PLANTING The vineyard is composed of Nebbiolo (Michet, Lampia and Rosè) with Italian cloning material. The training system is Guyot with 4.700 plants per hectare. TECHNOLOGICAL MENTIONS The wine making process is in the traditional way, where for 25 days “rimontaggi and follatura” take place i.e. the must is pumped over the cap several times a...More about this wine >

SweetnessDry ColourRed TypeStill WinemakingOrganic

It is a 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20 % Merlot. the vineyard grow in a clayey limestone soil very rich in marine fossils at 220 m of altitude. The grapes harvested in small boxes are crushed and transferred to stainless steel tanks, for a slow fermentation of about 30 days. The temperature is controlled and periodic delestage and manual pumping-over are performed. Aging continues in a 500-liter French oak barrel for 15 months. The bottles are aged for 12 months. The color is intense ruby red. Very rich aroma of small berries, red berries, blueberries and raspberries. Scents of spices, cocoa and...More about this wine >

SweetnessDry ColourRed TypeStill WinemakingConventional

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