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Classic method sparkling wine made with organically-produced Turbiana grapes. This technique emphasises the natural characteristics of this versatile grape variety and its unique terroir. This wine shows great balance and elegance but truly stands out for its drinking easiness.

SweetnessDry ColourWhite TypeSparkling WinemakingOrganic

This one-of-a-kind wine is produced in the morainic hills surrounding Garda Lake and it is the result of ideal exposure, adequate ventilation and organic production methods. Its intense flavors, exceptional freshness and sapidity evoke to the mind unmistakable images of lake shores.

SweetnessDry ColourWhite TypeStill WinemakingOrganic

Thanks to the marked acidity of these organic Turbiana grapes, ageing and maturing of this wine is made possible and a full array of potential and evolution blooms. Ageing in wooden barrels (partly tonneau and partly barrique) and then in bottles contributes to the creation of a Lugana Riserva wine of great character, at the same time strong and velvety. This wine is our heartfelt gift for you.

SweetnessDry ColourWhite TypeStill WinemakingOrganic