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Aglianico del Vulture D.O.C. Le Clivie finds its natural habitat on the slopes of Mount Vulture, in Basilicata. This ancient volcano, which has been extinct for thousands of years, is covered by calcareous-clayey soil rich in mineral salts, which are essential for the excellent development of the vines. It is in this particular context, in the heart of Lucania, a land of castles, fortresses and abbeys, that Aglianico del Vulture D.O.C. Le Clivie originates. Velvety red, structured and harmonious, Aglianico del Vulture D.O.C. Le Clivie is a bold, important wine that expresses its identity with...More about this wine >

SweetnessMedium sweet ColourRed TypeStill WinemakingConventional