database features

We offer an extensive database of wine distributors from 130 countries

Vinaty Database Features

Accurate and up-to-date database of importers and distributors

We always check our importers contact details carefully, making sure each one is accurate and up-to-date. Vinaty constantly updating the data and adding more and more new regions. 

Bookmark wine importers, make notes and copy contacts, so you can always come back to your favourites. Our search filters make it easy to find new distributor, wholesaler or retailer in your desired region or province.

Large wine distributor database

Large Database

A brand-new wine distributor database with accurate, up-to-date contact details. More than 13 500 companies

Free access to wine importers database

Free Trial

Preview access with a 3-day free trial. No credit card details required. Start searching for your wine distributor now

Regular updates of the database of wine distributors

Regular Updates

Regular updates of the database of wine distributors. Market overviews and useful company selections

Search Filters

Easy-to-use Filters to Find Your Next Wine Distributor

Filters for searching wine distributors

Weekly updates

We’re always adding new companies and our old contacts are always up-to-date.

New contacts every week

New importers and distributors every week. Select period and see new companies.

Text search

Search distributors by company name, website or company address.

Search by size and type

Choose the size and type of the company, as well as the countries it already imports from.

Search by location

Select the desired region or country of your distributor. Select multiple options if necessary.

Contancts preview and features

Detailed Information on Each Wine Distributor

Detailed Information on Each Wine Distributor​

Save and download

Save your search and return to it later. Download selected wine distributor contacts or even your entire search query.

Deatiled information

Detailed information about each wine distributor: contact information, company description, even info on where distributor purchase from.


Notes about each company, visible only to you. By downloading the contact, you will also be able to view your notes about this distributor.


Search companies by type

Wine retailers in database

Wine Retailers

Retailers are businesses that sell products directly to consumers. These can be restaurants, bars, and/or wine stores. Companies are often both retailers and wholesalers.

Search wine importers and distributors by type of the company

Wine Wholesalers

Wine wholesalers buy a large quantity of wines and products directly from distributors. The wines are destined for retailers. Now there are more than 1.500 companies of this type in our database

Supermaket chains

Supermarket Chains

Supermarkets are large retail chains that share a brand and central management. At their core, they are retailers and have their own large distribution network.

Wine distributors

Wine Distributors

Wine distributors have a business relationship with the wineries that they represent. Distributors usually cover a certain territory or region. We offer more than 1.300 distributors companies.