Cookies and wine?


It has been a dry, dry year for wine festivals and we at Vinaty are crying out for someone to end the drought. Step up, Italy. Events have been organised from Bolzano to Bardolino, from Venice and Milan in the north, to Tuscany in the centre, to Naples in the south.
The most recent evidence suggests that wine began not in the Mediterranean but, like paper, gunpowder, and the compass, in China. Emperors wrote of the strength of their hangovers, while the most famous of Chinese classical poets were never without a glass.
Cynics will dismiss it as another winemaking gimmick. Like prosecco nail varnish or bright blue wine, they’ll roll their eyes at the idea of wine in space. Could you see Gagarin drinking Grenache? First Laika, now Lambrusco? But we at Vinaty thought there was more to this project and set out to investigate.
Sicilians know it as A Muntagna: nothing but The Mountain. Which other mountain could it be? Etna dominates the skyline of both Messina and Catania, whose combined population of five hundred thousand live with the threat of eruption